More colorful than you thought! That’s the main message of UNOJAH, the multicultural Reggae and Worldmusic band.

Inspired through sufism, a mystic path of Islam, the band mixes a colorful cocktail of musical styles from all around the globe.
The ingredients are Reggae, Ska, Latin, HipHop, Oriental qasidahs and World music combined with spiritual lyrics in many different languages.
A musical homage to diversity!

The outcome of this are concerts bursting with energy and soulfulness.

Call for Entries! Join our new Musicvideo for our new song Fiyashiyya!

Yes Habibis and Habibties,

we are nothing without you beautiful community out there. This is why we thought you should be covered in our upcoming music video. „The listener is the musician and the musician is the listener.“ Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi said once upon a time.
Our new song „Fiyashiyya“ is about being thankful for life and all the mercy given to us by the heavens.
Our idea is to show this kind of happiness and thankfulness together with you in a video.

What do we need?

a small videoclip of you, your friends, your family, your pets, your garden, your neighbourhood…(can be the full song or just a small part of it.)
What to do? Put on our new song on any device and sing to the lyrics (attached below), dance, do fancy tricks, celebrate life or just do whatever you like.
IMPORTANT: If you record via mobile device use landscape format.
After you have shot your clip visit www.wetransfer.com and send your clip to info@unojah.com
Please send us your clip until the 15 th of February. Please note that audio won’t be used, just video.

From all the clips we will edit our new video clip for Fiyashiyya. Our wish is that it’s gonna be a colorful video of lovely diverse people from all around the globe, showing happiness and celebrating life.

We are looking forward to all of your deliveries!

Here you will find the song

Here you will find the song exclusive on youtube

Here you’ll find more info and the lyrics

Much love and light,

your UNOJAH Family


Dear Friends and supporters,
we proudly present you our album „colour to the people“
Order your copy now:
ITUNES: http://apple.co/2nlyxZx
AMAZON: http://amzn.to/2m9PeqL
MUSICLOAD: http://bit.ly/2m6Qb2l
or buy it all over germany in disc shops.
Love and light!


available on all streaming plattforms. Listen here on Spotify

CHECK OUT OUR SINGLE: „Einheit in Vielfalt“

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Special thanks to the great calligrapher „Ahmad Kreusch“ who gave us permission to use parts of his wonderful artwork  „Alif/ Wahid“ („A“ or „1“) from 2004, for our logo!