Die neue Single „Fridays For Future“

Ab jetzt in allen gängigen Onlinestores. Der gesamte Gewinn aus Online Verkäufen wird an Fridays for Future gespendet. Spread the word!

More colorful than you thought! That’s the main message of UNOJAH, the multicultural Reggae and Worldmusic band.

Inspired through sufism, a mystic path of Islam, the band mixes a colorful cocktail of musical styles from all around the globe.
The ingredients are Reggae, Ska, Latin, HipHop, Oriental qasidahs and World music combined with spiritual lyrics in many different languages.
A musical homage to diversity!

The outcome of this are concerts bursting with energy and soulfulness.

“UNITY IN DIVERSITY” is the current release. It is a homage to love, tolerance, a colorful togetherness and the peaceful understanding of nations and religions.

Dear Friends and supporters,
we proudly present you our new album „colour to the people“
Order your copy now:
ITUNES: http://apple.co/2nlyxZx
AMAZON: http://amzn.to/2m9PeqL
MUSICLOAD: http://bit.ly/2m6Qb2l
or buy it all over germany in disc shops.
Love and light!

CHECK OUT OUR NEW SINGLE: „Einheit in Vielfalt“


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Unfortunately all gigs have been cancelled due to the corona crisis! Stay healthy!

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Special thanks to the great calligrapher „Ahmad Kreusch“ who gave us permission to use parts of his wonderful artwork  „Alif/ Wahid“ („A“ or „1“) from 2004, for our logo!